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Brickwall Cottage Garden

The History of the Garden:

The garden at 1 Brickwall Cottages has been over 30 years in the making and is constantly changing. Originally the 1/4 acre site was almost exclusively used for vegetables, one ancient apple tree being the only plant of any size. It was like a goldfish bowl, overlooked from all sides. Now, in 2022/2023, it is an enclosed space with trees, shrubs and hedges providing shade and structure. Consequently the planting has changed with more areas being suitable for shade loving plants. Flower beds cover most of the area and are packed with bulbs, perennials, grasses and shrubs. Geums are to be found in most areas. More annuals and biennials are now being grown and a new flower meadow has been a great success improving the biodiversity of the garden.
Although a relatively small garden it is full of a wide variety of plants, some well known whilst others are more unusual, the aim being to provide interest at all times of the year.

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