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Brickwall Cottage Garden

The History of the Garden:

When Sue bought No.1 Brickwall Cottages the garden consisted almost entirely of vegetable plots.  The previous owners, whose family had lived there since the first world war, had improved the soil by adding farmyard manure and lime.  Basically the soil is yellow clay - the area is known for brick making in the past.  As a result of their  input there is a good layer of  friable fertile soil and once plants have their roots down into it they grow extremely well.

The garden gradually evolved over the last 21 years.  Initially some lawns were sown - some of which have since been dug up and turned into flower beds.  One large area was divided into quarters with box hedges around two sides and was originally intended for herbs but these have been overtaken by flowering plants and geumsBG008.  Trees and shrubs were planted to give some structure and a row of pleached limesto give privacy.  In addition to the many geums the garden is intensively planted with hardy perennials, many quite unusual.  Sue is an active member of the Hardy Plant Society and she gets the majority of her plants from their sales.

[The view of the garden, right, taken from an upstairs window, shows the Cercis canandensis coming into flower.]

Recently a sBG003mall formal pond with pergolas each side of it has been added.  Soil from the pond was transferred to the top of the garden to make raised beds for vegetables - although half of them are now full of geums!

At the top of the garden is the nursery area with a greenhouse andtunnel where new plants are nurtured.

[Left: the rose pergola in July with Rosa 'American Pillar' and R. Felicite Perpetue'] and below is a plan of the garden layout.]

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Garden Plan


Sorry, but the garden will NOT be open during 2019.

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